HB Holistics
HB Holistics

Dr. Henry B. Naiken’s is an NLP and DHE Practitioner and under the license of Dr. Richard Bandler the innovator of NLP. He utilizes NLP principles and attitudes in his work as a life coach, trainer and Business consultant.

As well as having a degree in Metaphysics, his greatest assets are his brilliant ability to understand people, his intuitive skills in creating change with ease and his obvious passionate and exciting training style. Dr. Naiken’s sharp sense of humor, his amazing ability to teach complex subjects in simple ways and his powerful inspirational commitment to teaching and training are some of the reasons why he is regarded, by many in the field, as one of the best NLP trainers in the Indian Ocean.

Dr. Naiken has spoken before packed auditoriums at major Universities in India, At Health Conventions in the Channel Islands in UK, and at Sports Clubs in Mauritius and South Africa. His mastery in the fields of non-verbal communication and influence make him one of the most knowledgeable, exciting, and effective presenters in the region.




December 19, 2022