Halshack Indie Rockcast
I've been building my own personal relationships with "A-list" indie bands across the world for the last 10 years!!! This is a UNIQUE mix of 275 artists roughly over the last 7 years the show has been "up" and Ive done it all for FREE!! Hoping one day to catch the ear and the eye of an investor or two thats connected in the biz that would like to sally forth with me...lol This is my LIFE'S work and I take much joy and pride to have these artists support as we attempt to "take back the radio" before the industry loses all credibility with it's fans. Keep putting out junk music and the people will revolt!! Promise you that!! A few major stars have backed my show with exclusive music projects since the beginning of 2018 when we saw "New Beginnings" with FOX TV star FRANKIE MUNIZ and showed the world we had "Able to Label" bands a few months later with a STEVIE NICKS backed exclusive from rising LA band PAPER JACKETS!! Its grown tremendously since then, aired on several radio stations around the world now and heard or somewhat known in 100 countries! I'm honored to have such glowing approval from my musical peers and fans alike! www.halshack.com

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