Halshack Indie Rockcast
Halshack Indie Rockcast

THANK YOU!!! PEOPLE LOVE THE STATION! Come find out why we are LOVED!!

We have over 300 bands and solo artists also 100 rappers we're helping!

They stay on for hours on end!! Who does that in radio??!! We're very honored!!!

We have reached over 700 markets in 120 countries now because of ZENO FM and STREEMA!! THANK YOU!! You peeps are awesome! Thanks for the vote of confidence to make your day better! Its my duty to put a smile on at least one person's face everyday! I live for it!

We work with bands and artists in 16 countries! Its all radio ready material built for commercial success! We have many BRIT and CANADIAN bands!! We love you guys and gals! Thanks for being on the team!

Hang out! Let the station play for hours like so many do! You will discover a new music universe you never knew existed!

The major labels have dropped the ball and are no longer doing their jobs and that's to bring you bands like these like they used too! We come from that background! We don't understand whats happened to their business model but its no longer about providing the music fan with a real service for the world!

I've scoured the globe between a number of personal and music business connections throughout the industry over the last 12 YEARS to the tune of 30,000 bands! Most of these acts are TOP 100 or TOP 10 BILLBOARD contenders for any time point back to the 70s/80s up to the current music sphere! Indie bands are the pioneers of so many styles and innovations! They should be leading the way!

We at HALSHACK make a promise to YOU to never let that passion die!


What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? Send us your suggestions!

We're trying to understand why some listeners stay on for HOURS and others stay on for one song! All we do are top tier professional indie bands! This is isn't your normal indie station. Its mainstream style songs from NEW bands that are breaking out! We break bands several YEARS ahead of the majors!

Current daily news...... 4/16--- 2 for TUNESDAY all day long Tuesday!!

DOUBLE TROUBLE and DYNAMIC DUOS shows starting at 4am until.....

New Dynamic Duos 2 coming today!

Dynamic Duos 2 today at 4:50pm and 5:50pm!

Part of our 2 for TUNESDAY theme! Rock on!!

4/15--MONDAY FUNDAY! Let's make sure your Monday is not mundane!

Wonder Shack 8-3 from 2pm-7pm, then Tributes #1 @ 8pm, Rockwaves 2, Supernova, Dynamic Duos till 12am

4/14 New shows out today and the station is a "ghost town"..lol

SUPERNOVA (spaced based theme show) TRIBUTES vol 1 (with a 3 minute intro from Hal, then music only the rest of the show) also ROCKWAVES 2 is out now!

5:20 pm Rockwaves 2

6:20pm Dynamic Duos

7:20pm Supernova

8:20 pm Tributes vol 1

9:20pm Rockwaves 2

10:20pm Dynamic Duos

11;20pm Supernova

12:20am Tributes Vol 1

4/12--ROCKWAVES 2 coming soon! Brand new!

(new pop rock, new alt rock and numetal) get it here ONLY on the HALSHACK!

4/11 TRIPLE THREAT THURSDAY all day long!

All Triple Threat shows for your pleasure! Enjoy extensive deep dive listening into the better bands on the Halshack!


Coming up Special pre-release since the station is busy tonight

TRIBUTES ep 1 (honoring the life of Wesley Gwynne who passed recently)

at 10pm EDT after WONDER SHACK 1

4/10 WONDER SHACK WEDNESDAY! (even/odds day)

We will spin them down from new to old in even and odds format!

Episodes 10,8,6,4,2 then 9,7,5,3,1 starting at 12pm EDT!

4/8 Happy Monday folks! Its been a tough week! Sorry I havnt been around much! A very close friend also my roomate passed away this past week. Its been a tough week but life must go on. There will be a tribute show for Wesley Gwynne coming this week consisting of his fave Halshack bands and a special personal message from Toby Lowhan of Marquis of Vaudeville! Thanks so much bro!

Dynamic Duos brand new show at 11:30am! Enjoy!

Have a great week everyone!

4/3 DYNAMIC DUOS --Brand new series (2 songs from same band from 9 different acts for a 1 hour bonus) starting at 2:15am EDT! Will run several times through the week!

4/1 Wonder Shack 10! Brand new! April Fools Day show!

Coming up at about 6:20pm EDT (eastern time)

Running Wonder Shack 10 again at 10pm!!

3/31 HAPPY EASTER!! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! Its Sunday Funday! ...anything goes!!


How about ska reggae rock and classic rock bands all day long!

Some 80s and 90s too!

3/27 WONDER SHACK Wednesday! All hits all day long!

Part of the all-new WEDNESDAY WAVES theme day!

4:30pm EDT- Wonder Shack 7

5:30pm WS 6

6:30pm WS 5

7:30 ROCKWAVES (new rock and new metal hits)

8:30pm WS 4

9:30pm WS 3

10:30pm WS 2

11:30pm WS 1

3/26 THANK YOU to my new fans in RICHMOND!!

15 hours on the station since yesterday!! You're awesome!! Tell your friends!

WONDER SHACK 9 coming soon at 4pm EDT!!

3/25 WONDER SHACK 8 and 7 (Brand New!!)

Wonder Shack 8 at 8pm (times are approximate)

Wonder Shack 7 at 9pm

Wonder Shack 6 at 10pm

Wonder Shack 5 at 11pm

3/24--SUNDAY FUNDAY--new theme day

(random shows all day) Anything goes!

British Invasion 2 (new show)- 10am EDT

Wonder Shack 6 (brand new!!!) 12pm first airing!

Wonder Shack 5 (new show!!) 2pm EDT

(featuring hip-hop newcomers 47STILLSTANDING -from Memphis TN)- "Problems"

WONDER SHACK 6 (new show- 2nd airing)- 3:30pm EDT

WONDER SHACK 7 (brand new- 1st airing)- 8:30pm EDT

(featuring hip-hop newcomers 47STILLSTANDING- from Memphis TN)-"Final Bow"

3/22 WONDER SHACK 5 starting at 6:20pm EDT!

(new pop, alt rock, hip hop and a splash of country pop)

Then enjoy Wonder Shack shows 4 to 1 and Rockwaves all night through midnight EDT! It's the FRIDAY HITLIST on the HALSHACK!

3/19 Brand new show! WONDER SHACK 3 and 4! (pop, alt, rock and more)

Its a wide wide world of wonderful hits! It's the wonder shack!

3/14 --TRIPLE THREAT Thursday all day long!

3 bands each in one hour shows. Various great bands all day! Enjoy!

3/12 --2 for TUNESDAY-- Double Trouble (2 same song titles 2 different bands) back to back..about 150 to 200 songs on display in this series from 9-1 starting at 1pm EDT!

3/11 MONDAY FUNDAY -- (Brit wave shows all afternoon)

Times are approximate (2 of the bands below are not BRIT)

BRITISH INVASION 2 --brand new show (1st airing) today at 2:25pm EDT

3:25pm--Triple Threat 2 (Magic Giant- CA, Harry Pane- UK, Narrow Plains-UK)

4:25pm-- Triple Threat 5 (The Eiffels- CA, Some Velvet Morning-UK, The Explorers-UK)

5:25pm-- Triple Threat 12 (Sam and Sounds- UK, Caezar-UK, Tom Shawcroft-UK)

6:15pm--BRITISH INVASION 1 (mixed genres and styles)

7:15pm--BRITISH INVASION 2 (mixed genres and styles)

3/9--- SKATURDAY---starting at 2pm EST till 6pm

(mix of SKA styles or rock, pop, reggae and much more)

all afternoon on the Shack!

3/8 FRIDAY HIT LIST --- (around 1:30 to 2:45pm we lost control of the station. ZENO got us back on track! THANK YOU!

starting after Shacknation 14 around 1pm EST

(mix of potential BIG HITS from rock,pop, alt, indie etc...) all day long from a hundred plus different acts)


3 bands each- 1hr episodes

(pop, alt, rock) ALL DAY LONG!

3/6-- Wednesday Waves (new theme day)

All theme episodes all day long (Hummer Numbers, Color Visions etc...)

Themes shows maybe genre specific or mixed (song titles usually follow the topic of the title of the episode)

3/5 --2 for TUNESDAY--

Double Trouble 1-9 shows all day long!

3/4 New theme -- "Mondy Country"

Country bluegrass and folk all day long!

3/2 New Saturday theme day SUPER SHACKERDAY!

All genres on display all day long! Just random goodness!

Random Shacknation shows (Reverbnation mixed genre shows)

Wondershack (hits)

Shacktracks (hits)

Shackstars (full compilation shows of a single artist)

3/1 brand new theme day FRIDAY ROCKBOX! Starts at 9am EST till at least midnight!! Rock your ass off!

9am-1pm- Modern Rock

1pm-5:30pm- Classic Rock/Alt 70s 80 90s

5:30pm-12am- New rock/pop rock/modern rock/alt rock and lots of Numetal

3/1 (8:30am EST) We are back online! THANKS ZENO!!!

3/1 (2am EST) Technical Difficulties till ZENO can restart the station! We are very sorry! Please check back!

3/1 (12am-roughly) the all new FRIDAY ROCKBOX begins all day long we're gonna rock your face off with Classic rock to Numetal with everything in between!

2/29 Ok we're getting the hang of this new radio software that will allow us the ability to build a weekly schedule! I'm not sure yet what that's going to be but stay tuned! I'm thinking we will ROCKOUT on Fridays with the FRIDAY ROCKBOX!

2/27 ZENO FM software upgrade is NOT going as well as hoped! Please be patient, we may experience some technical difficulties over the coming days!

2/25/24 Brand new episode! ROCKWAVES (new hit rock)

Catch it 4 times today at 7am EST 10am EST 1pm EST 4pm EST (it may run again later)..so far this is what I have the system set up for

2/22/24 This is for new listeners! There are over 400 NEW bands and artists on this station! One 20 second session CANNOT begin to explain what we do! We cover all major genres in theme shows that are mixed into 20 minute segments or genre specific shows for one hour episodes! We have play rights to represent over 2000 new potential "hit" songs created within the last 15 years to yesterday! You have NEVER heard any of these tracks unless you've gotten lucky! You have to stick around and listen! One song nor ten nor twenty not even fifty can begin to show the music world what we do!

The station switches styles in each episode or genres in each episode every 20 minutes! Every 5 or 6 songs there's a shift! Each episode is set up with a specific flow to take the listener on a journey. No show finishes how it starts. We appreciate all the new fans and hope you keep returning! We've been seeing alot of new fans lately coming back again and again especially from Columbia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Dominican Republic, and many other countries around the world! You peeps ROCK!!!!!

2/22/24 New rock series coming soon! ROCKWAVES!

2/12/24 Check out the ALL NEW Zeno podcast feed! Im currently importing all podcast episodes from the main feed over to Zeno FM so you can listen to any specific show rather than the station only! There almost 150 episodes on the feed. Go discover your fave now!!

2/11/24 Ep 29.5 (LONELY HEARTS CLUB) special Valentines day episode! 1st airing 5:30 pm EST! get your love/hate fix now! Love can be great or difficult, we understand this so we hashed out all the areas of love in this show from the wonderful to the horrendous. Its all on display. Enjoy your week coming up!

2/8/24 New stats are in!

We reached 505 markets in 80 countries! Fans have enjoyed the station for over 4000 hours! You guys rock!!! THANK YOU!!!!

TRIPLE THREAT THURSDAY begins today! All day long!! Enjoy some of the very finest our catalogue has to offer! The top 90 artists compiled into 30 exclusive shows (3 bands- 20 min each- per 1 hr episode)

Rock, pop, alt, indie, country, reggae, ska, blues, folk, contemporary, bluegrass, R&B and more .........Get your multi genre music fix here all day long!

1/30 life has been busy but I'm back in full force! Expect new content soon!

THANKS SO MUCH to all the new fans from across the world in Japan and the land down under Australia! Please tell your friends about the Halshack! Its a grassroots worldwide effort to see indie music grow! These potential hits should be known.

12/29 ROCK OUT!1 (TRIPLE THREAT 30) with an extra band..lol 90s 2000s modern heavy rock metal edition LOVELY WORLD, SECRET SOCIAL CLUB, VOXX, LIFE AFTER THIS

12/29 (TRIPLE THREAT 29) classic blues and new indie blues rock edition - PREACHERVAN, FUTURE THIEVES, BAREFOOT MODERN

12/27 (TRIPLE THREAT 28) new urban pop edition LEROY BOOKER (WI) HONEY RIBAR (MN) ALONZO-- good night! See y'all tomorrow! ENJOY!

12/26 (TRIPLE THREAT 27) new wave indie pop edition with VOX EAGLE, CHAD RUBIN, EVAN KREUTZ

12/26 TRIPLE THREAT 26 out now! (pop rock edition) POLAROID SUMMER- ASTRO LASSO (formally Kingsfoil)- ALXNDR (new comer from the Reverbnation series)

12/25 MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Halshack! Catch ep. 25.5 "MERRY SHACKMAS" show on the station today plus the podcast feeds all over the world!

12/24 TRIPLE THREAT 25 (ska, reggae, rock indie blues edition) SAVAGE HENRY, SKYLER LUTES, RIVVRS

12/19 SHACKNATION 14 out now!

Brand new Reverbnation Campaign #8!


12/18 TRIPLE THREAT 24 --New Country edition (Amanda Cooksey, Dan Harrison, Wild Fire)

12/17 TRIPLE THREAT 23 out now! Country Folk Bluegrass edition (Roanoke, Sarah Olivia Buss, Of Sea and Stone)

12/17 TRIPLE THREAT 22 (Modern country rock edition) MIDNIGHT SOUTH, The HACKENS BOYS, HIGHWAY 31

12/10 SHACK COUNTRY 6 out now on the station and the podcast feed!

12/7 DOUBLE TROUBLE 7-9 out now!!

12/2 DOUBLE TROUBLE 6 out now!!

11/26 DOUBLE TROUBLE 3-5 out now!!

11/25 Working on 2 for Tunesday theme.. 2 songs from the same artist (have no name for that yet..lol) or 2 same song titles from 2 diff bands..Double Trouble


DOUBLE TROUBLE 1 (retool of the original from NOV 2020)

11/20--Triple Threat Shows 18-21 are out now!

11/8 WONDER SHACK 2 (all new mega hits)

TRIPLE THREAT 17 (Status Lost, Krigare, Dustin Paul)

11/5 Triple Threat13-16 are out now! INDIE FLAVORS 4 is out now!

New business partnership The POSTAL CHASE (Cove Valley, San Francisco)

"Don't chase your packages all over San Francisco, the chase stops here"

CLUB SHACK- EDM 30 min bonus (business dedication show for employees and friends Matthew and Kim from The POSTAL CHASE)

Triple Threat 12-- new Brit pop edition (Sam and Sounds, Caezar, Tom Shawcroft) 10/31 Triple Threat 11 -- new urban pop/hip-hop edition (crossover artists from the Rap Shack) Migs718, Jawny Badluck, Philly?

10/30 Brand new SHACKNATION 13 hosted show with HALSHACK coming at 2pm and again at 4pm!

10/29 HAPPY SUNDAY! new shows out Triple Threat 10 feat potential headlining bands for the HIGH ROCK MUSIC FEST- Crashing Atlas and Below7! Also featuring 2 local bands from Charlotte. Same band 2 diff singers, 2 diff styles! Triton and Scars Remain! We will find them out at the fest as well!

Triple Threat 9- East coast pop/blues/alt COMO BROTHERS feat Sam Woolfe of American Idol Season 13 5th place! Also local artist Kylie Odetta from Columbia SC region and northeast pop sensation Lainey Dionne from Rhode Island bringing her own unique "swiftie" type edge! She's super talented!

Hallowshack 3 - special holiday edition mixed genre theme show with eerie alt rock pop tracks with song titles relevant to Halloween!

CAVO (Shackstars) #1 rock Billboard rock band HEADLINER for HIGH ROCK MUSIC FEST 30 min special

PREACHERVAN (Shackstars) hit 80's 90's type modern and classic rock as well as alt rock band from Atlanta growing for the past 10 years! Hope to see them at the fest!

Triple Threat 8 (heavy rock/light to medium metal edition) Stealing Eden and Veer Union from Vancouver BC Can as well as thunder rockers Once Around from Wisconsin!

10/26 Triple Threat Thursday starts today! Catch all of this series from 8-1 from 1pm-9:30pm and we will do it all again! See you LIVE later tonight!

10/25 New show! Triple Threat 7 featuring Sam Tinnesz (potential pop headliner for the High Rock Music Fest Aug 2024 also includes Canadian married couple pop alt band The Royal Foundry, then finish off with Atlanta based rockers Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun!

NEW format ideas coming 2 for TUNESDAY and TRIPLE THREAT THURSDAY

You're watching the content build and the format manifest as we grow together! The fans and the show are one..lol!

10/24 BRAND NEW SHOWS! (approx. times-Eastern)

12:30 pm- Hallowshack 3 (new 60 min mixed genre holiday bonus)

1:30 pm- Shackstars series CAVO (30 min bonus for High Rock Music Fest headliner Aug 2024!

2:00 pm- Triple Threat 6(Forty Feet Tall, Stubborn Son, Dangermaker) West Coast Rock

3:00 pm- Shackstars series PREACHERVAN (30 min bonus for Atlanta GA rockers)

3:30 pm- Triple Threat 5 (80s edition)-The Eiffels, Some Velvet Morning, The Explorers

4:30 pm- Triple Threat 4(National Parks, Airport Impressions, Rhineland)

then repeat it at 5:30pm to 10:30pm

10:30 pm- Hallowshack 3

11:30 pm- Cavo

Wed 10/25

12:00 am- Triple Threat 6

1:00 am- Preachervan

1:30 am- Triple Threat 5

10/8/23 Battleshack 4 and Shackcredibles 4 and Rock Ages 3 are all on the podcast feed on the web! Go find them at Podomatic, Itunes, Iheart, Amazon Music etc.... Find over 40 special curated playlists on Spotify for the Halshack!

10/5/23 New show alert! SHACKCREDIBLES 4 (top 11-24 artists) from the Battleshack! All artists that received some votes but not enough for the top 10! Great show and list built by the fans and professionals! No order! Its been made into a bonus show flow!

10/4/23 Brand new show show! (NOT ON THE PODCAST FEED YET) Zeno radio exclusive!! BATTLESHACK 4 (fan appreciation show) Happens every 2 years! 30 bands out of hundreds are chosen to compete in this elite contest voted on by various professionals across the music industry!

The bands chosen are from the last 2 years for season 4 from 2021 to 2023!

In this group there is Brit wave, country, rock, alt, pop, hard rock! You cant judge the whole top 10 off 1 or 2 songs! You have to stay and listen to hear the gems!

10/2...Brand new shows SHACKSTARS series! Best of artists series (Television Skies) and (Big Little Lions)!

Recently new shows have been released (Rock Ages 3) and reboot/remasters of the original Rock Ages 1 and 2 as well as Classic Shack (classic rock styles) and Wonder Shack (new pop/alt style hits)

We're still playing around with the format!

The station has only been back up for a month now! We're trying to establish a solid base! There will be an official schedule coming and plans for genre days only and mixed genre show days only! We are also incorporating full band spotlight shows like the SHACKSTARS series we are bringing back for the radio ONLY! We don't want full libraries being downloaded through the podcast feed of these bands! That's not fair to them but we will spin them here on the station and do them on days with their respective genres!

The show is growing strong across the world on the podcast feed from Iheart to Itunes to Amazon Music to Podomatic and many more! The show has reached 500 cities in 100 countries! All new episodes are on the podcast feed and will be featured here on the station as well! I fired up this station on Zeno back in late 2020 but multiple complications kept the channel from growing! I've updated the bio as well as all current shows!

The current format will have a multiple genre rotation of shows with theme days and weekends or constant rotation of the last 3 years worth of shows! The shows may rotate forward or backward. We will have marathon events or indie themed days or rock shows only or country or rap/ hip-hop and many other type mixes of all the great more current episodes of the Halshack!

There are thousands of songs on rotation in this assortment of episodes uploaded to showcase the shows growth over the last 3 years! You may hear the episode changing to something you don't like. Give it a song or two and it will roll onto something else. TRUST ME!! Each segment changes every 20 minutes. Each episode is built by ME (Hal) to keep the show continuity and my special signature flow I'm becoming world renown for! Again big THANK YOU to all my fans and bands for making this possible!

I've been building my own personal relationships with "A-list" indie bands across the world for the last 10 years!!! This is a UNIQUE mix of 450 artists roughly over the last 10 years the show has been "up" and Ive done it all for FREE!! This has been an amazing grassroots effort from alot of professionals in the industry to springboard us forward! Ive earned partners who are ex major label reps who jumped on with me to help grow our own universe! Some of the artists are very mainstream and others lean to the indie side of things! Its up to you to find your happy music place!

Reverbnation owner Lou Plaia contacted me personally to run official radio submission campaigns for his company back in Nov 2020. First campaign started in Jan 2021 and had the first show for the company in Mar 2021! We went from 120 artists I had spent 7 years hand curating to now 450 almost 3 years later representing 15 countries! Every single artist has been curated and chosen by my ears only either because they had a viable hit for one show or they have a library that never ends that sees continual play across multiple years of my history. Songs are chosen based on the theme of the show and their rotation in the schedule. I try not to overplay tunes so some of the really BIG hits on my show don't get annoying or overbearing to the listener!

Ive been lucky enough to earn projects produced by or backed credits or collab songs from major stars lending their efforts to these indie bands. Stevie Nicks, Frankie Muniz, Belinda Carlisle, Eminem, Cavo, Lil Zane, Nic Collins (son of Phil Collins) and many more!! I'm very honored!!

Hope you jump on the Halshack bandwagon! Were bringing a successful festival to North Carolina with (my personal team and local business owners) that will not be cancelled like the Wampus Cat, the HIGH ROCK MUSIC FEST is coming August 2024 with CAVO as a headliner!!

You can find every tracklist at my website under shacklists! Each show has its own list and there are displayed in order of release! The quickest way to get there search google "halshack shacklists" or right here



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Halshack Indie Rockcast

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Dynamic Duos 2 coming today at 4:50pm and 5:50pm!

Part of our 2 for TUNESDAY theme! Rock on!!

April 16, 2024

2 for TUNESDAY all day long! Tuesday 4/16

DOUBLE TROUBLE and DYNAMIC DUOS shows starting at 4am until..... New Dyn Duos 2 coming!

April 16, 2024

MONDAY FUNDAY! Let's make sure your Monday is not mundane!

Wonder Shack 8-3 from 2pm-7pm, then Tributes #1 @ 8pm, Rockwaves 2, Supernova, Dynamic Duos till 12am

April 15, 2024