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Gugs FM is the ultimate Cape Town lifestyle radio station for the up-and-coming urban dwellers interested in the world around them. Gugs FM features timely content about today’s top entertainers, music moguls, as well as everyday issues in the urban community like health and finance. Gugs FM is the premiere destination for those who want to stay inform, look fly, and get ahead. Gugs FM content covers news and events all over the country. We features exclusive celebrity interviews, entertainment industry gossip, hip hop music, as well as special interest topics including health, finance, education, lifestyle and leisure. Gugs FM is not for everyone. We cater to a unique demographic that is young, growing and multicultural.

Gugs FM represents Cape Town’s rapidly growing black middle class with listeners falling in the LSM 5-7 bracket.

If you want to reach Cape Town’s big spenders speak to them through Cape Town’s most powerful youth radio. Do you want to influence a young growing market in the Cape Town? Make sure you choose Gugs FM, because no other youth radio station in Cape Town does it better than Gugs FM.

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Gugs FM

Welcome to Gugs Youth Radio Station - Yeyakho nawe

October 25, 2021