FRH Radio
FRH Radio

Removing the divide between mainstream and independent, we play the best in country music.

Along with our fabulous DJs shows, we have a range of independent radio shows covering all aspects of country music.

FRH Radio is the home of award winning radio presenter Kay Cook-Abbott.

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Please help to support FRH Radio. Currently all costs for FRH Radio are covered by the DJs themselves, making this a real labour of love. All donations will ONLY be used towards our 3rd party running costs. Thank you. To support us, please click to the donate button. Thank you very much!

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FRH Radio Website

FRH Radio Website

Visit our website to get notified of latest news and updates, see who is who on the station, and find details of how to submit your work to us. Remember we are a country music station only.

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We are not big on social media. We like to spend our time bringing great quality artists to you the public, whether they are mainstream or independent. Like many we stick with using Facebook. Why not add us on Facebook? Its the easiest way to request a song in one of our DJs shows.

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And we are live!

Hey folks, Many thanks for sticking with us while we made the transition. We are pleased to say everything has gone across and we are now fully broadcasting from Zeno FM. Dont just listen, tell ya friends too. Download the Zeno app so that you can take us with you wherever you go. Let's do this!

July 2, 2024

Test Broadcasting

Hi Folks, FRH Radio will be moving officially to Zeno FM on 29th June 24. Until then we have a range of playlists and music tracks for your listening pleasure whilst we sort things out. Thank you for your patience.

June 17, 2024