Essential Clubbers 1
Essential Clubbers 1

In 2003 a good friend DJHicks had a station ganjabeats on day 1 we found our 1st international DJ from Phoenix USA called Amnesia.

The site grew to be a very active and popular community.attracting a worldwide audience as well as performers from every corner of the globe.

What makes EC so exciting is the wide range of EDM genres and various alternatives within each genre as they came in their numbers from all around the World, and helped Chixy sow the seeds to World EDM

Streaming as a link on his website where a group of DJs would come and go over the years playing many different styles & was born this we refer to as Phase 1 which ended due to circumstances around 2006.

In 2009 Essential returned as as a podcast site but it wasn’t long before the bug for live came back and by the time 2014-2015 came we had a huge community of DJs playing back

to back sets mainly from Chelmsford but also in Virginia US with 5 or 6 DJs doing the same.

The team then went and started some gigs but encountered problems on the way and subsequently phase 2 was put to rest.

In May 2020 with some help and encouragement from Chris aka DJ X-S & Technical help from Jay aka Crucial , Chixy saw an opportunity to get the DJs he wanted during the corona virus (Covid 19) lockdown

where suddenly a huge amount of DJs where able to be contacted Chixy’s vision and dream of achieving 24/7 live worldwide radio seemed much more a possibility and reality and so here it is Phase 3 with a group of amazing talent discovered and committed to the cause and so the journey continues….with the original website

ESSENTIAL CLUBBERS Global Music Streamed Worldwide

Affectionally also know as ECRadio

Keep it locked EC all the way!!!

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Essential Clubbers

Essential Clubbers

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