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We are an independent Radio in operation since 2014, with more than +11,000 followers and with the main mission of making known and bringing electronic music in all its variants to the largest number of people internationally and supporting new artists, emerging talents, record labels and producers. Our team is formed by a group of professionals joined by the link of our passion for music including, music analysts with a long career in main Electrónic Music and Dance Radios (Máxima FM, 40 FM, Flaix, Europa FM, única FM and Loca FM), DJ's in the top positions of Mixcloud, Trance, Hardstyle, Big Room, Dubstep and Electro House Global, SAE certified producers, Graphic Designers, Managers with more than 20 years of experience in procedures, team management and service, excellent systems engineers, experts in Social Networks and of course, our "festival lovers". To increase your song’s exposure and promotion they could be also used by the DJs working with us, using our social networks links and logo and under the conditions, you agreed. If you are happy with our mission you can also enrol in our team as one of the DJs working with us https://forms.gle/N8nZztZtHSDAdWWc7 or just collaborate as a volunteer https://forms.gle/AgQh8ftiNNeqJgUL9 if you want to send us suggestions for the radio you can do it through Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/user/carlosnewmusic4658/playlist/68n5ySR1ZPai7GQmxFIerm or our Goover: https://groover.co/band/signup/referral/influencer/9230/?utm_source=widget&utm_medium=widget_banner&utm_campaign=0.electrodanceworld-radio&widget_id=9230

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As you know, we are an independent broadcast station. For us, It has always been hard to maintain our broadcast without your support.

To support us, please click to the donate button and then choose the app you’ll donate with. Thank you very much!

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December 21, 2022