doktorfunkdj live radio channel
The role of this radio channel is that all the people can listen the best and exclusive music styles from many djs around the world 24 x 7 doktor@funk info: A passionate DJ from Spain about deep house style, allways looking for new rhytms and special editions of deep house and lounge-chilled grooves. In the eighties, he grews up with the disco funk sound of the time that was listened in clubs and fasionable pubs in Madrid, playing in some of them like KEEPER, CLASS or STONES. At the same time, he was working in QUALITY RECORDS (import and distribution of music shop). Later in the nineties, he played HOUSE in Benidorm (STAR GARDEN, NUMBER ONE and JOKER). Currently, he play every week his show LET YOUR FEELINGS FLOW on Future Beats Radio Station from France and MAD Fm Worldwide from New Zealand, sometimes plays deephouse in Almería Coast, with a little funk style in his sets, influenced by the years when he was lived in the USA.

doktorfunk live radio channel

doktorfunk live radio channel

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