I have been a DJ since I was 14 back in 1986 here in the Dallas area.I have been influenced by my Father when he had his own professional band and traveled the country.I also studied and wrote sheet music along with learning how to play various instruments like the piano,guitar,violin,and even the drums while growing up since the age of 5 and in middle school.I frequented the professional music studios with my Father and music became my number one love.Then going through the 80s MTV generation and getting heavily influenced with rock music and the original hip-hop and gangsta rap movement that became my passion and also finding techno music because of the clubs here in Dallas,Texas and Ft. Worth.Please continue to listen and enjoy my DJ mixes and whenever I go live and on my social media outlets when I am using DJ software like SERATO DJ PRO SERATO PLAY and even VIRTUAL DJ along with mixing with my DENON PRIME 4 DJ controller.I mix whatever I feel like listening to and raw and uncut.Again,thank you in advance for your continued support and let others know where they can come and listen to some great music for all types of ages and genres of music like TEJANO,HIP-HOP,FUNK,DISCO,and many others.

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