DJ MoreMusic Radio
DJ MoreMusic Radio

DJ More Music RADIO😊— We are a group of young people with a passion for music who want to make the world a better place by putting music on everyone's faces. 

We are a bunch of people that have all of our senses anchored to the earth. 😎. We'll take a look. We've heard you. We have a strong odour. 😊. We take a bite. We have an impression. Then we combine all we've learned into a nicely exciting bundle. 

We have optimized everything and anything to provide you with the fastest possible experience when streaming limitless music and DJ mixes on a daily basis.

DJ-More Music Radio is Africa's National Digital Music Station, broadcasting more music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

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As you know, we are an independent broadcast station. For us, It has always been hard to maintain our broadcast without your support.

To support us, please click to the donate button and then choose the app you’ll donate with. Thank you very much!

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DJ MoreMusic Radio

DJ MoreMusic Radio

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DJ More Music RADiO

Use Shazam for each song. Enjoy your time with us; we hope to see you again.

December 16, 2022