C.R.E.A.M is CHRIST RULES EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. Its an online station that broadcast excepts from Selected Daily Devotions that strengthens the faith of believers around the globe. CREAM Radio is part of TESTIMONY HOUSE OF HOPE CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION multimedia based in SIN City of USA. IDAILYBREAD.CO is one of the rich Christian reading resources. Among others are Portals of Prayer. Jesus Calling, Meditations, Daily Hope, Hope Daily and many more. I am full of C.R.E.A.M. Did you hear that? What about YOU? JESUS CHRIST is Lord. SOME PROMISES OF GOD TO US AS TRUE GENUINE BELIEVERS, WHO HE IS, WHAT HIS WORD IS AND WHAT IMPACT HE HAS ON THOSE WHO DISOBEY HIM . 1. ISAIAH 48: 17-TEACHES US AND DIRECT OUR WAYS 2. JOHN 1: 5 - HE IS OUR LIGHT 3. PHILPPIANS 2 : 9- HE IS THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES 4. HEBREWS 4:12- WHAT THE BIBLE IS OR THE POWER IN HIS WORDS 5. EPHESIANS 6:1- BE AN HONEST AND OBEDIENT CHILDREN 6. PROVERBS 1:8- RESPECTABLE AND OBEDIENT CHILDREN 7. GALATIANS 5: 22-23- THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 8. JOHN 14:14 - ASK ANYTHING IN MY NAME 9. ISAIAH 41: 10 - FEAR NOTHING 10., ISAIAH 43: 10- BE HIS WITNESSES