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Interested in your professional development as a coach? Coaching at Work Radio brings to you 24/7 interviews, seminars and conference papers about different aspects of coaching and mentoring. Over the coming months, we will be increasing the number of recordings and programmes on our station. In-between programmes we play sounds of nature incluing walks to aid reflection and relaxation. The station producers are Liz Hall and Stephen Palmer.

Established in 2005, Coaching at Work magazine offers a range of carefully curated, high calibre, fit-for-purpose CPD for executive and internal coach/mentoring practitioners, OD/HR/L&D coaching/mentoring champions & coaching/mentoring academics, including through: -An award-winning bi-monthly magazine edited by coach and award-winning journalist Liz Hall -The Coaching at Work Academy which delivers events such as sell-out annual conferences & master classes on hot topics such as neuroscience, leadership & resilience -Access to a vast global online community. - We offer a public Coach Directory. Visit our website for more information:

Coaching at Work Radio

Coaching at Work Radio

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Welcome to Coaching at Work Radio

Welcome to a 24/7 radio station focusing on coaching.

March 18, 2022, 01:10 PM