Breeze FM Zambia
Breeze FM Zambia

Breeze FM is located at Chipata, the provincial headquarters of the Eastern Province in Zambia.

It encompasses three kinds of radio: it is a community-based, commercial station, with public interest programming.

The station commenced test transmissions on 5th October, 2002 and was granted a full broadcasting license on 31st January, 2003. The station was officially commissioned on 31st January, 2004 on the day of its first anniversary.

The station operates for 24 hours each day. For 18 hours from 06.00 hours to midnight, Breeze FM broadcasts local programmes. The night shift, from 24.00 to 06.00 hours, is dedicated to BBC live programmes. Breeze FM is a partner station of the BBC.

Breeze FM has an average radius of 300 kilometres and a listenership of well over 1 million people.

Breeze FM broadcasts in Chinyanja (or Chewa) and English languages. Two thirds of programming is in the Chinyanja language and one third in English. The Chewa language is also widely spoken in Malawi and the Tete Province of Mozambique.

Breeze FM Zambia

Breeze FM Zambia

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