Bolly.FM By RJ Arif
Syed Arif Is A banker, Columnist, Author, motivational speaker, political advisor, a former DJ and the President/co-founder of an NGO. Syed Arif is a Banker by Profession, he is a single dad of two children, he is currently living with his 5 year old daughter & a 3 months old son in Bangalore, his wife passed away due to heart stroke. he loves writing fictions & Listening to Bollywood music. It is his childhood Aspiration to be an author, he discharged all his schoolings from an Urdu Medium School and he sustained a passion towards learning English. He read English only for two years; during his secondary school is when he really began to learn English Alphabets. He is a renowned self published Author who has published four books so far. This is his Second novel; His upcoming books are Painful lessons Of Life: Short Stories that will talk about girls who have been left unnoticed in India, this book has 8 different stories mainly about girl’s named Jennet & Lachchi who is physically challenged, Jennet has an IQ of 190 which is more than what Einstein said to had, she is gang raped, victimized and still she over comes and takes her ambitious job of a police officer and cracks down the biggest human trafficking case in India, sets an example to those who are born actually disabled and shows the world that it’s not the physical potency that matters to achieve your ambitions, it’s your will to achieve them is what matters.

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