Benoni FM - Serving Our Community
Benoni FM - Serving Our Community

Benoni FM, is an online community radio station that serves the community of Benoni, South Africa. The radio station offers a mix of talk and music programs, with a focus on empowering the youth and providing a range of distinctive programs. Here are some key features of Benoni FM:


- 40% talk, covering news reports, weather, traffic updates, educational programs, job opportunities, and specific topics such as the economy, politics, sports, religion, culture, and entertainment shows

- 60% music, with music programs that combine different genres and decades


- Programs are broadcast from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, with different programs and presenters at different times

- Programs include "Mculo Wangakithi(Traditional)", "POWER DRIVE", "The Build Up", "Whats Your Hustle?", "DEARLY BELOVED", "Lovers & Friends", and "Served Colours"


- Benoni FM is available online and can be streamed live through the Online Radio Box app or on the radio station's website


- Website:

- Cellphone/ Whatsapp: 0610960879

- Email:

Benoni FM

Benoni FM

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