Basil P Radio
Basil P Radio

The Basil P Radio which started in April 2020, is operated by Basil Persaud born in Georgetown Guyana. Basil P Started his Broadcasting career At The Guyana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) located in High Street Georgetown in December of 1990 as a Studio Engineer. He then worked his way up to become a Sports Reporter then attain the Position of Sports Editor. The GBC in 1997 launched the First Fm Stereo Radio In Guyana and Basil P was chosen to be part of the team on 98.1 Hot Fm. He Started The Basil P Show since then and its still running making it the longest Radio Show In Guyana. Basil P Specialises in Vintage Music and plays the widest variety of that music on radio for eg, Soul, R&B, Oldies, Standards Country, Disco,Funk,Reggae,soca etc.
The Aim and Objective Of The Basil P Radio is to provide a decent service to a Matured audience across the World and at the same time interacting with the listeners.
The Future of The Basil P Radio Looks great with the installing of additional equipment and features that is done by capable Engineer Mr Douglas who is responsible for setting up the Basil P radio and maintaining the equipment so it can have top quality sound.

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Basilp Persaud

Basilp Persaud

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