Back-Forward Radio

Back&Forward Radio has all content created by our artists, including podcasts, mixes, singles, eps, albums, and more. Back&Forward is a record label established in Florida, United States and Puerto Rico since 2018. Founded by his own artists, this record label works with all sub-genres inside the Electronic Dance Music, like House, Drum & Bass, Progressive and many more, and urban/latin. Our music is available on all digital platforms around the world. Also, Back&Forward has more than music, implementing a bilingual podcast that will let you hear more about great guests that are bringing their ideas in the music scene/industry. Talking about business, marketing, events/festivals, music production, DJ techniques, releases, art and more. Now, Back&Forward has his own 24/7 online radio with all the content created by all the artists. With all these projects and content, we build Back&Forward.