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Afrik Best Radio

Afrik Best Radio is Responsible For Producing and Promoting Businesses & Music From New And Emerging Artists. It Is On-Air 24/7 Giving a Voice to The African Artists and Worldwide. Sabbath Service, ADS, Promotions, Live Events and Exclusive Programming Broadcast via On-air, Online and Mobile Platforms. Will launch your products on most of these platforms. Unlimited Listeners, Worldwide, Plays On Website, Plays In Cars, Google PLAY Android App. Distributions: to Google Play, Tunein, CBS Radio, Fox News Radio, ESPN Radio, Shoutcast Radio, XBOX, Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, Last Fm, Amazon, ITunes Store, Computers and more.! Afrik Best Radio services are great for anyone with a message to get across to groups of people online, including traditional radio stations, school systems, community groups, church organizations, music artists, business executives, multi-level marketing groups, and more. We have slots available for Live Dj to do Shows, Interviews, and more. Afrik Best Radio: Vision Statement (what we aspire to be) The vision of Afrik Best Radio is to build community, a loyal and growing audience, and an engaged and educated citizenry by providing the highest quality of free-form programming that broadcasts entertainment, music, news, thoughts, sounds, ideas and event listings that support free speech, diversity, and the interests of the local and global communities Afrik Best Radio serves. The ongoing ripple-effect of sustaining Afrik Best Radio is to expand a dedicated listener base who embrace and support Afrik Best Radio because they feel their lives are enriched and improved, their communities strengthened, and the world is a better place. Afrik Best Radio: Mission Statement (how we achieve our vision) Afrik Best Radio mission is to strengthen and enrich our community by broadcasting programming that is provocative, innovative, human-driven and free from commercial influence and promotes diversity, tolerance and freedom of expression. We go beyond! There are enough companies out there that will tell you how much they care. At Afrik Best Radio, we’re a little different. We really go beyond.

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Afrik Best Radio

Afrik Best Radio

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