ABUAKWA SUSUBIRIBI is a name uniquely associated with Akim-man or Okyeman in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa. ABUAKWA SUSUBIRIBI J.I.T.A RADIO is a Christian community radio for the Okyeman and its environments. J.I .T. A means Jesus Is The Answer. We do three things...PRAISE, PRAY AND PROCLAIM. JITA is a subsidiary of the TESTIMONY CHRISTIAN RADIO , a digital broadcast media with a super VISION which is also part of the Media Department of the TESTIMONY HOUSE OF HOPE FOUNDATION of USA. Our mandate is to heed the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 through Reaching All Nations with the WORD, and making disciples of all who believe. Our mission to impact people to CONFESS that JESUS CHRIST is Lord and to accept HIM as their personal savior, become born again, be baptized, be saved and to live as new creations to live true Christian lives to the glory of the Lord. We give opportunities to community SPECIFIC Men/Women (SHEPHERDS) of God who have no opportunities to be heard on mainstream media. PREACHINGS IN ALL LANGUAGES are welcomed. Contact us through testimonyhouseofhopefoundation@gmail.com. Everything is Free. ROMANS 10:9 PHILLIPIANS 2:11 MATTHEW 28:19-20 JOHN 15:16 ROMANS 10:14-15 MATTHEW 4:19-20 ACTS 1:8 We PRAISE, PRAY and PROCLAIM HIS NAME. The NAME above all names. JESUS IS LOVE. HE IS LORD INDEED.