Old Skool BoomBox
Old Skool BoomBox
Old Skool BoomBox is a radio station for you to visit when you want to hear classics and retro music. Most of the tracks are from the 1940's - 1990's, but it can differ depending on the artist(s). If you don't like the mix of different genres, like Rock and Opera-styled music, this station may not be for you. Instead, you can check out more of our other stations to have more 'defined' music genres. We are streaming 24/7 for your likes!

Our Other Stations:

Country: ~Station Does Not Exist Yet~

Hip Hop: ~Station Does Not Exist Yet~

Pop: ~Station Does Not Exist Yet~

Rock: ~Station Does Not Exist Yet~ (Includes alternate and soft)

All songs played on all of our channels do not belong to us and all rights go to the artists, SME, UMG, WMG, IL, EMI, etc. For this reason, we cannot distribute rights or sell songs and albums. Thank you.

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