Hello! My name is Azan Rowe the owner of Ranfm Internet Radio Station, located in Red Ground, Mt. pelier, Montego Bay St. James. On this station we bring you the best music with Dj Simple, Mc Alan Ranks, Dj McKnight and Dj Zip Jock Dess. Ran fm is the best fm. This station has several programs that you can tune into these include: Lover's Tuesday, The City of Refuge, The Faith Time Truth Ministry and Early Edition.

Also Ranfm brings you the best commercial package deals. Are you interested in commercial broadcasting? If you are make Ranfm your station/platform to advertise with. Here at Ranfm our mission is to get your product or service to a world wide audience( with a equal male to female listenership). We strongly believe that our station can help increase your sales, attract new customers, help your business compete, keep your business at the top of your consumers mind and save you money.

Why Ranfm ? Ranfm is a new Radio Station that's flexible, progressive, collaborative, trustful and welcoming. Also we have earned a large customer base for a lot of businesses since our commencement date. We have over 4 million listeners worldwide with countries like USA, UK and Canada to name a few.

If interested we look forward to discussing a business proposal with you in more detail in the near future. Please contact us directly at 876 324 0921 or 876 362 2622 or email us at Ranfmradio@yahoo.com

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Ran fm

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October 10, 2021, 03:03 AM