D Dominion Radio
D Dominion Radio
Ddominion is a Gospel radio station located in United State of America (USA). Ddominion Radio Station is a gospel radio station with a goal of reaching the world and promoting the kingdom of God.
It provides a platform for Gospel Ministers /Artiste and promotes upcoming Arts, talk shows and live broadcast. it's also a medium for ministers of God (Anointed Men/Women of God) to reach a wider range of people on sermons via our live broadcast.
We are partnering with 1 Soaking Channel and Kingdomboiz. 1Soaking Channel and kingdomboiz a platform designed, to reach out to the world via Gospel music| sermons |videos |articles and events and the likes, with the sole motive of seeing youths running after GOD and living a life of purpose. To Promote your Gospel Songs, Audio messages/church sermons, Documentaries, commentaries, articles and events on Ddominion Radio Station, contact us on
ddominionradiostation1@gmail.com To reach us faster from Africa contact or reach our representatives in Africa :
1Soaking Channel Details Email: onespiritchannel@gmail.com
Phone Call :+234 706 239 3938
Facebook : 1Soaking Channel TV Instagram : 1Soaking_channel YouTube: 1Soaking Channel
Kingdomboiz Details Email: kingdomboiz@gmail.com
Phone: +2348023190463 Facebook :
Kingdomboiz Instagram : Kingdomboiz_com
Youtube: Kingdomboiz Media.

D Dominion

D Dominion

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May 20, 2021

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May 20, 2021