"GAGUT Zhi Neng Talk-999" (GZNTalk999)is a radio station platform that has changed the meaning of internet communication through Tao, [pronouced dow], the Source, GAGUT Zhi Neng Talk-999 is unique in the sense that we utilizes science, culture, technology, and space/time to reach our listening audience with live broadcasting and continuous music, Why "GAGUT Zhi Neng Talk-999" for the name? Well, GAGUT, is the acronym for God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem. The unified theorem is Gij,j=0, and it is the source from which everything and anything can be formulated. Zhi Neng works off of the vibrating frequencies in the formula Gij,j=0 where everything and anything we desire through space/time will manifest. 2) Energy & force thru the ----- of Vibrating frequencies is how everything everything is manifested this is how you are listening to us. And 3) MR is for Futuristic Mahogany Revue. "99.9 GAGUT Zhi Neng Talk-" (99.9-GZNTalk), GAGUT [God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem=Gij,j=0] Zhi Neng [pronounced jr nung] Talk-999. GZNTalk999 is unique in the sense that we utilize science, culture, technology, and space/time quantum entanglement to captivate our listening audiences with information that feeds "the intelligence and capabilities of the mind & soul which gives rise to the power of Tao (the Source)

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