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Radio Mercury Remembered
A Spaceman Came Travelling.mp3
Chris de Burgh
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About the station

Dedicated to bringing you the best classic hits from the 50's to the 00's and beyond. 24 hours a day, the best mix of music plus regular news bulletins, features, specials and your dedications and requests. How we started. Radio Mercury first started broadcasting in October of 1984 from the lovely Broadfield House in Crawley, West Sussex, UK. Our first frequencies were 103.6fm and 1521am but to further the reach and provide a better quality for our listeners we changed to 102.7fm with an additional transmitter for Horsham on 97.5. From the very begining Radio Mercury was designed to be the local station for the local populations of for Surrey and Sussex and we worked hard to make sure all were catered for. Our music policy was predominately classic hits with some new releases whilst our specialist programmes at the weekend were designed to please devotees of soul and disco, country, nostalgia, classical and comedy. In 1991 we took over or rather merged our near neighbours in local radio -the Guildford based County Sound, which was re-branded to the Mercury name. We broadcast local programmes during the day from studios based in Guildford, Haslemere and Crawley. The evening and overnight programmes were centrally broadcast from Crawley head office - although local advertising, jingles and promotions were still broadcast to their respective transmitters by special software which was revolutionary in local radio at the time. It was also around this time that we split programming on the AM frequencies and a new service was born, mainly oldies and conversation, this for a short time retained the County Sound name. However, due to a certain copyright claims and to establish a better link and brand identity the AM service name was changed to Mercury Extra AM. Read the full story:

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Radio Mercury Remembered
Radio Mercury Remembered A Spaceman Came Travelling.mp3
Chris de Burgh

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