Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Prayer Line: 1-631-359-8504

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of New York and the seat of its Archbishop. Built by contributions large and small, it remains emblematic of the ascendance of religious freedom in the New World. As such, this international landmark is a beacon of hope for those who share the Catholic faith and a source of inspiration to the more than five million visitors of every religious denomination welcomed here each year. 

The Cathedral has been a wellspring of hope and solace in times of peace and plenty and war and sorrow. In a city and nation of immigrants, it has greeted countless waves of peoples seeking freedom. St. Patrick’s Cathedral anchors us all to such basic human virtues as charity, love, decency, strength and justice. While the surrounding urban environment has seen constant change, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has stood strong, overlooking Fifth Avenue, since its dedication in 1879.  No single generation builds a cathedral. The vibrancy of its windows, the beauty of its music and the purpose of its charitable outreach call us to respond to our shared humanity – one in the image and likeness of God, saved by his Son, Jesus Christ, in the family of the Church. The heart of St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the faith, work and generosity of good people bringing God’s presence into the world, inspiring a conversation among the generations.
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