Brian Dareus Ministries
Brian Dareus Ministries

Brian Dareus Ministries

Prayer Line: 1-631-359-8634

A man of distinction, a clear sense of purpose and willingness to stand in the face of adversity. His anointing is evident and the trademark of dynamism associated with him, injects ‘life’ and restoration wherever he goes. Sharing his vision, Apostle Dareus challenges the Body of Christ to shake off complacency and live as God intended: faithful, fruitful and effective. ​

Apostle Brian is well known for imparting ministerial advice and spiritual wisdom to leaders globally as Founder of the Global Pastors Alliance. Operating in his gift as an Apostle and speaking with a prophetic voice, Apostle preaches the unadulterated Word of God and, as a consequence, many can testify that their lives have changed, for the better. ​

As an Apostle and Overseer of Kingdom Harvest Global Ministries, he has been heralded as a Relevant Apostolic Voice, Delivering with Pinpoint Prophetic Accuracy and Profound Revelation.

Apostle Brian Dareus is gifted with a strong apostolic call to perfect the saints by imparting biblical truths, including deliverance and spiritual warfare; and activating the gifts of the Spirit in order to raise up strong ministries in the body of Christ. ​

Apostle Brian Dareus resides in the Bahamas along with his lovely wife, the Honourable Senator Dr. Jasmin Turner-Dareus, and their five beautiful daughters.
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