#ZNLive with Connor Allen in Da House! Social media 101

#ZNLive with Connor Allen in Da House! Social media 101

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About this episode

In this insightful episode of #ZNLive, we were privileged to have Connor Allen, Manager of European Government Affairs at Honda Motor Europe Ltd., as our guest. Our engaging conversation took us through the labyrinth of digital communication's profound influence on the political landscape in the EU, and the measures the EU has taken to underpin democracy through communication.

As we cast our gaze forward to Europe in 2024, we focused on the crucial role of digital communication and the challenges it presents. We also contemplated the pervasive impact of disinformation and 'fake news' on EU communication strategies, deliberating on potential solutions to mitigate this issue. Plus, we critically examined the highs and lows of EU digital campaigns, offering valuable insights into their effectiveness.

Tune in for a comprehensive understanding of politics, communication, and the evolving digital world.