"Your Faith Anew!"

"Your Faith Anew!"

David Russell

About this podcast

To help others increase their knowledge of the Catholic Faith, work hard to remain in a State of Grace, bring others to know the joy of the Gospel, Save Souls, Glorify God and become Saints!

Fascinated by the mystical since a young child David found a connection between the various types of magical illusions employed by magicians and deeper spiritual truth. He has authored two books related to his passion for magic and the Catholic Faith; a children's book "Bigger and Better" and "Magi Theology" for which the Nihil Obstat and Imprematur were given by the Knoxville Diocese Bishop's office. In 2010, David discovered Mystic, Luisa Piccarreta and the “Book of Heaven” after a friend suggested some similarities with his own mystical theology.

David has formed “Your Faith Anew!” prayer and study group in 2017 with the goal of helping Catholics fall in love with their Faith. David firmly believes, “The Catholic Faith prepares us to receive the Gift of Living in the Divine Will and the gift enables us to practice our Faith in a Divine manner most pleasing to God.”

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