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World Trivia

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​This world is a big mystery with all the hidden facts about the world which are not yet popular. Mysterious world facts for kids are like adventure sport which help them to expand their wings and start exploring this beautiful world at their own end. Moreover, kids are often keen observers and hence naturally curious, to understand what is going on around them. They are like these little question banks, full of queries and follow-ups, and then some more. So parents often search for several details like world facts and countries, world facts and history, world fact encyclopedia, world trivia facts, and many more.

So to help parents satisfy the curiosity of their children about our world, especially about the cultures of India, foods of India, drinks of India etc., Chimes Radio brings World Trivia an original podcast series which offers interesting and lesser known facts about random but important things. These will not only help improve their general knowledge but also make them sound extremely smart and well read while conversing with their friends and peers. These short byte sized podcasts will be fun to listen to and might at times leave your mouth watering for the topics we discuss in these.

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