Words And Voices With Roy Part 3

Words And Voices With Roy Part 3

Moumoni Roy

About this episode

9 April 2021; Part 3. Ever heard the hidden voices of words having a talk amongst the loud of music?
Dont worry! We are here to present to the "Words and Voices of Heart"

On our "Words and Voices with Roy" show, we had the inklings from the poets Tila, Essama, Irish Rose, Upons Rains AP and Six of Diamonds for the calling-in the show from different time zones.

Through this show, we have our best to include the poet himself to call in and share their emotions through poetry, and mark my words these people aren't confined from one place, they are from the corners of the world.

Thanks to Kaye, Gerald, Mamyaw, IlovePoems,Kolap,
Vuja de Savagery,DaivikGhoshPathak for sending their audio recording.

Thanks to Up in Smoke,JEG325,Poetic Picasso, Kamala Ajith, Rick6,DocFranc,Liquidminforever,Si-On,Anton Ansford37,Nunoftfereira,Randa Yosry, Lady A, Surekha, Mi Bella for taking their time and writing for the show.

I would like to give a special frame of thanks to Japman-Aneja(Jazz), Unicorn Blaze(Saica), Flamey, King Flow for cohosting with me and lending their kind assistance.

And the King's Crowned is given to Lochan and Brother Umamahesh for their kindest support.

This is Roy Kbmw, the host of the show and we hope we could share the poetic emotions, love and respect to all the listeners.

To listen to the poetry of various themes, emotions and type, join in the PoeTree FoRest Station (https://pfstation.blogspot.com/)