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About this episode

In this episode of "Mandate for Greater Works", we delve into the remarkable works of Jesus during his time on earth. Jesus' time on earth was marked by a series of extraordinary deeds that continue to inspire and amaze people to this day. From healing the sick and feeding the hungry to performing miracles and teaching profound spiritual truths, Jesus' works were truly unparalleled.

Through discussions with experts and biblical scholars, we examine some of the most notable works of Jesus and their significance in the context of his mission. We explore how Jesus' works revealed his divinity and demonstrated his power over nature and the forces of darkness.

We also delve into the deeper meaning behind Jesus' works, including how they embodied his love, compassion, and humility, and how they continue to offer hope and healing to people in the world today. Additionally, we examine how Jesus' works can inspire us to greater acts of service, compassion, and faith, as we seek to follow in his footsteps and continue his work on earth.

Overall, this episode offers a fascinating exploration of Jesus' works on earth and their ongoing impact on the world today. Whether you are a believer or simply interested in learning more about one of history's most influential figures, "Mandate for Greater Works" provides a compelling look at Jesus' life and legacy.