When Women Fly

When Women Fly

Sylvia Winter

About this podcast

When Women Fly is a weekly interview podcast where we speak with women who fly, literally and metaphorically. These are creative women who elevate the assumptions of traditions and who are fueled by physical and mental challenges. They fly, run, surf, ski, climb or otherwise soar, with a passion for life that is infectious. Join these conversations about aspirations, pivots, vulnerability, reinvention, resilience and what it takes to rise above setbacks, injury, loss and defeat. Your host, Sylvia Winter, a pilot, designer, mom and podcaster, brings her enthusiasm for adventure, fresh air and vistas, to you, wherever you are. We celebrate the spirit, courage and strength that connects us. We believe that bringing the space to dream into people's lives by our telling real stories of women who capture and harness the unimaginable, clears the sky and is an affirmation to us all. Be bold. Be brave. Fly.



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