Episode 131: Rosemary's Baby w/ special guest Heather Gunnell

Episode 131: Rosemary's Baby w/ special guest Heather Gunnell

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About this episode

On this episode, librarian and show superfan Heather Gunnell joins Aaron and Derek to discuss 1968's psychological horror film "Rosemary's Baby" written and directed by the very problematic Roman Polanski and adapted from Ira Levin's 1967 novel. Trigger warning: there is discussion about Polanski's 1977 sexual abuse case and other allegations. As far as the movie goes, they talk about the fears of pregnancy, loss of control, gaslighting, and isolation. They also get into differences between the book and movie, art vs. the artist, women's liberation in the 60s and other aspects of the flick. Pain, begone, Derek and Aaron will have no more of thee! Heather told me to make sure and tell you: the name is an anagram.

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