The Order Of Things - 1

The Order Of Things - 1


About this episode

// [This is not an episode of the main story] // Welcome, Survivors to The Order Of Things: A series of short stories set in the world of Wake Of Corrosion. Each of these stories takes place either before or during the events of the main show. So bolt the bunker doors against the cold world outside and embrace The Order Of Things //

Stories written by Shaun Pellington //

Voice actors listed in order of stories told:

    Sarah Turner //Shaun Pellington //Lee Pellington //Tatiana Gefter //Shaun Pellington //Sarah Turner //David Ault //Shaun Pellington //Taylor Michaels //Shaun Pellington //

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Content Warning: threat, death, horror, gore, psychological horror, hallucination, confined spaces, abduction, sacrifice

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