What robs our confidence -- The Weight of Society

What robs our confidence -- The Weight of Society

Lisette Zounon

About this episode

Welcome back to the UpYour Confidence Podcast with host Lisette Zounon, where Episode 45 continues our series on "What Robs Our Confidence," focusing on the societal pressures that impact our self-assurance.

You will learn the following on this episode:

1. Micro-aggressions

   - Definition: Micro-aggressions are subtle, often unconscious actions or comments that express prejudice towards marginalized groups.

   - Examples: "I don’t understand your accent," "You're so smart, you speak so well."

   - Impact: Micro-aggressions chip away at confidence and self-worth.

   - Personal Experience: Lisette shares her first encounter with micro-aggressions and the impact they've had on her confidence.

2. Lack of Representation:

   - Definition: The underrepresentation of women in leadership roles and other fields.

   - Impact: Lack of representation limits women's ability to envision success and undermines confidence.

   - Personal Experience: Lisette reflects on being one of the few women in leadership positions most of her career and the pressure it brings.

3. Internalized Sexism

   - Definition: Women internalize societal messages about their supposed inferiority, leading to self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

   - Impact: Fear of failure and questioning one's abilities.

   - Personal Experience: Host shares her struggles with imposter syndrome and overcoming self-doubt.

4. Fear of Failure:

   - Definition: Women may fear failure more than men, hindering them from taking risks or pursuing ambitious goals.

   - Impact: The pressure to be perfect can be paralyzing.

   - Personal Experience: Lisette discusses embracing imperfection and pushing past fear.

5. Double Standards:

   - Definition: Women face double standards and are judged more harshly for the same actions as men.

   - Impact: Confidence rooted in abilities can shatter these barriers.

   - Personal Experience: Lisette encourages embracing confidence and integrity despite societal expectations.


- The societal pressures discussed in this episode know no boundaries and affect women worldwide.

- Investing in oneself is an act of defiance against societal norms and a means of elevating confidence.

- Listeners are encouraged to invest in themselves and embrace their worth this International Women's Day.