(Un)Common Threads: Co-creating Societies of Belonging

(Un)Common Threads: Co-creating Societies of Belonging

Democracy & Belonging Forum

About this podcast

(Un)Common Threads is a monthly roundtable event that invites listeners into intimate conversations with leading thinkers and activists who are committed to strengthening democracies and co-creating societies of belonging in Europe, the US, and around the world. We'll grapple with pressing issues of marginalization and polarization in order to unravel tensions inherent in our work to build bridges. Our guests will share knowledge and practices to strengthen our bonds and democracies — even when we disagree. The conversations featured will be solutions-oriented but are not meant to reach consensus; rather, they are meant to show that disagreeing well is not only possible but a necessary part of real belonging.

This show is hosted by Míriam Juan-Torres González, Head of Research at the Democracy & Belonging Forum. The Forum is the European hub of the Othering & Belonging Institute (OBI), a “think and do” tank based at the University of California, Berkeley. OBI worksto identify and eliminate the barriers to an inclusive, just, and sustainable society. Learn more about the work of the Forum at https://www.democracyandbelongingforum.org/.



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