Encounters x216

Encounters x216

Two Girls One Ghost

About this episode

When you see the podcast name, Two Girls One Ghost, you probably have some interesting associations... and today, we're wondering when you learned what a blow job was, when your innocence was ripped away from you and when did you start to see ghosts? And are your team boobies or team titties? While you sit on that, this episode delivers guardian ghosts, terrifying spirits, and familial haunts that remind you to never go down to the cellar alone.

Trigger Warning: please use caution when listening to the story that begins around 27 minutes and ends at 38 minutes, themes of mental illness, mentions of suicide and other content that listeners may view as sensitive.

February 4, 2024 at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Join us, from anywhere in the world, for a virtual virtual experience.  Watch Two Girls One Ghost: The Conjuring House, pre-recorded from The Bell House. Then, join Corinne & Sabrina for the afterparty where they'll share never before seen footage, EVPs, stories and host a spooky Q&A.


Have ghost stories of your own? E-mail them to us at twogirlsoneghostpodcast@gmail.com

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Edited and produced by Jaimi Ryan, original music by Arms Akimbo!

Disclaimer: the use of white sage and smudging is a closed practice. If you’re looking to cleanse your space, here are some great alternatives!