" Trusting the Process"

" Trusting the Process"

McKinley Henderson - McIntyre

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Trusting the Process.
Life is filled with possibilities and limitations that can discourage us from pursuing our dreams and endeavors. Therefore, it is important that we first accept that there will be struggle in your pursuit towards your goals and ambitions. Remember, that failure is a beautiful thing. Because it exposes our limitations, and it allows us to work on those deficiencies that have we may have overlooked in the process. Next, having the courage to fail. “Try again, fail again, fail better.” - Samuel Beckett. Have the courage to continue to keep moving forward despite of trial and tribulations…You cannot move forward without having the courage to place your foot on the pavement first. And lastly, Protect Your Dream – this is your dream, your goals, your life! Do not let people negatively influence you from your dreams. Because you cannot be an asset to the important people in your life. If you’re not happy or complete in your life. Therefore, remove toxic and unmotivated people from your life.



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