122. Sadie St. Lawrence - Trends in data science

122. Sadie St. Lawrence - Trends in data science

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About this episode

As you might know if you follow the podcast, we usually talk about the world of cutting-edge AI capabilities, and some of the emerging safety risks and other challenges that the future of AI might bring. But I thought that for today’s episode, it would be fun to change things up a bit and talk about the applied side of data science, and how the field has evolved over the last year or two.

And I found the perfect guest to do that with: her name is Sadie St. Lawrence, and among other things, she’s the founder of Women in Data — a community that helps women enter the field of data and advance throughout their careers — and she’s also the host of the Data Bytes podcast, a seasoned data scientist and a community builder extraordinaire. Sadie joined me to talk about her founder’s journey, what data science looks like today, and even the possibilities that blockchains introduce for data science on this episode of the towards data science podcast.


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    2:00 Founding Women in Data
    6:30 Having gendered conversations
    11:00 The cultural aspect
    16:45 Opportunities in blockchain
    22:00 The blockchain database
    32:30 Data science education
    37:00 GPT-3 and unstructured data
    39:30 Data science as a career
    42:50 Wrap-up