Sr. Jecinter Antoinette Okoth (FSSA)

Sr. Jecinter Antoinette Okoth (FSSA)

Lwanga Communications - Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa, Kenya

About this episode

"If you communicate either what is in your heart or what has happened you build a relationship with people." Sr. Jecinter Antoinette Okoth, FSSA

A member of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna for over twenty years now, Sr. Jecinter Antoinette Okoth is a Social Communications graduate of the Nairobi based Tanganza University College.

She is fervent about writing and has contributed articles to top online Catholic Church news publications such as The Seed Magazine and the Catholic News Agency for Africa (CANAA) online Newsletter.

Sr. Antoinette was among the first journalists to work for ACI Africa - a service of EWTN and is currently in charge of the weekly online Newsletter of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences of Eastern Africa (AMECEA).

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