Brenda Lambert

Brenda Lambert


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On July 26, 1992, 22-year-old Brenda Lambert spent much of the day celebrating her son’s first birthday at her home in Bluewell, West Virginia. Brenda was surrounded by her close family and many extended relatives. This party should have been a joyous occasion for Brenda, who loved being a mother to her two young children, but something was off that day. Brenda seemed upset or bothered. During the party, Brenda quietly asked several of her siblings if they could stay the night with her, but they each had a reason why they couldn’t. By the next morning, Brenda was gone. Her car, purse, and keys were all left behind at the home. Rumors began to spread around town about what had happened to Brenda, even stories that her disappearance was connected to another missing person. However, Brenda’s family has been adamant since the very beginning that they know exactly who made Brenda Lambert disappear and why.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Brenda Lambert, please call the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office at 304-487-8364.

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