Amber Arnett Part 2: Snitch

Amber Arnett Part 2: Snitch


About this episode

By the summer of 2023, most would say that Amber Arnett had hit rock bottom. She had lost her home and job after allowing her boyfriend to stay at the care facility that she managed. Amber was also now facing charges due to this incident. She was due to be in court on July 13, 2023, but Amber never made it. In fact, Amber disappeared from Lansing, Michigan, just 19 days before she was to appear in court. We may never know whether Amber was innocent or guilty of the charges because she never had the opportunity to plead her case before the court. As Amber’s loved ones began searching for her, they heard stories about what happened to Amber. They were told that in the lead-up to Amber’s disappearance, suspicions had been brewing in her circle, suspicions that Amber was planning to snitch. If this is true, we have no way of knowing, but the consensus has been that some people believed that Amber was gathering evidence about something so that she could trade that information for a lighter sentence on her pending charges. What that something was, we can’t be sure. There was plenty of criminal activity going on in that circle, but some believe that Amber had witnessed a very serious crime, a murder. 

You can follow the search efforts for Amber on social media at Help Us Find Amber. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Amber Arnett, please call the Lansing Police Department at (517) 483-4600.

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