"The truth" is brought to you by Smiling Steve™

"The truth" is brought to you by Smiling Steve™


About this podcast

I started my business career 41 years ago in 1979 in the business equipment field. And, though I started out in sales, I was to become a highly experienced entrepreneur. In 2001 there was a full feature on my success in a newsstand business magazine, and; in Feb 2004, I made the cover of another. I have the added layer of working with & helping many other entrepreneurs and that is what I expect this podcast to do too. The feature will be on "the side hustle", including but is not limited to Network Marketing. And, because I have extensive experience generating leads and website traffic, using skills that are transferable to any B2C business or side hustle, will will do episodes on this type of marketing. The focus is terrific content on making more money - nothing but the straight truth, even if it means I won't get a keynote speaker's gig at a Direct Selling convention (worth 6-figures for a few hours work!). I simply refuse to tell you anything that is not a complete reveal of what works and is in your best interest. Enjoy




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