Vaxxing BABIES In Womb, Father Survives Clot Shot Widowmaker, State To Take Unvaxxed Infant?

Vaxxing BABIES In Womb, Father Survives Clot Shot Widowmaker, State To Take Unvaxxed Infant?

Stew Peters

About this episode

We don’t know if global elites want us to starve. We aren’t privy to what they say and do in private after all. What we can say with absolute certainty, though, is that if they did want us to starve, they’d do exactly what they’re doing right now.

Are you ready for the next Pfizer doom shot? Because it’s coming down the pipeline fast. The excuse this time is RSV, which at least is a disease worth actually worrying about. Unlike Covid, RSV can actually kill children. But Pfizer is exploiting this fear to try and push another shot onto expecting mothers. They’re promoting a new study claiming that if women get an RSV shot while pregnant, it will protect their newborn babies.

Dr. Jane Ruby joins to detail the growing crisis of our vaccine-contaminated blood banks, and what do to.
New Zealand is separating families from their infants for refusing vaccinated blood. Will the same happen to America?

Jake Holliday joins to share how the Pfizer injection caused him to nearly die from a widowmaker heart attack!
With two kids and no ability to work, the clot shot has made Jake's life a nightmare!

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