Jab Induced Cancer Rates SURGING, Mikovits and Kingston EXPOSE Premeditated Depopulation Agenda

Jab Induced Cancer Rates SURGING, Mikovits and Kingston EXPOSE Premeditated Depopulation Agenda

Stew Peters

About this episode

When Mike Pence and hundreds of members of Congress voted to certify the 2020 “result” instead of investigating evidence of fraud, they failed to uphold their oaths of office. Brunson argues that these lawmakers should be subject to investigation for treason or other offenses stemming from this failure. He also argues that all lawmakers who approved the 2020 results should be immediately removed from office and barred from running again for the rest of their lives.

In China, nothing is back to normal. Every time even a handful of Covid cases pop up, entire cities go into crushing lockdowns. It’s total Covid tyranny, like March 2020 never ended and will instead go on forever. And finally, even under the threat of being gunned down by the Communist Party, the people are getting fed up.

Karen Kingston joins to detail how the blood clots are completely synthetic, and a tool for pre-meditated mass depopulation! Pfizer and Moderna patents share nanotech used for cell engineering, and it's being used for our demise!

Dr. Judy Mikovits joins to detail hit pieces against Died Suddenly, and brain-dead influencers who believe the clots are caused by "covid".
She proves it was the death shots, and details the toxicity within the vaccine's ingredients!

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