“The PolitiPunks” …A Political Punk Podcast: Daily Newscast

“The PolitiPunks” …A Political Punk Podcast: Daily Newscast

Political Punk Podcaster and the PolitiPunks

About this podcast

“The PolitiPunks” are a fictional band that appears on the podcast: “Political Punk Podcast: Daily News.” This Podcast provides a non-partisan glance into Washington DC’s affect on “We The People” via spoken dialog at White House Press Conferences, Court Testimony, or direct wording from the public figure’s mouth. This podcast is formatted to bring forth statements so that the listener can discern the truths from the lies. The “PolitiPunks” ARE NOT SUMMONING a Democrat vs. Republican debate, rather, they provide the listener a quick glance at what elected leaders are (or are not) communicating to “We The People.” Each cast, we listen to what elected/appointment leaders are communicating with their own mouths, pens, and computer keyboards. Oh, and check out “The PolitiPunks” on Bandcamp! ThePolitiPunks.BandCamp.com~Vocalist: Cords ~Guitarist: Stringz~Bassist: Sink~Drummer: DizzyThe guys have been hard at work but everyone agrees… Cords needs to take singing lessons before he gets kicked out of the band!



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