#126 Handle: The Uncut Pitch

#126 Handle: The Uncut Pitch

Josh Muccio | Startups & Venture Capital


The Pitch
The Pitch

About this episode

For our season 10 finale, we’re trying something crazy. We’re giving you a full pitch from start to finish with no editing whatsoever! Founder Chase Robbins presents his snack delivery business, Handle, to investors Paige Doherty, Neal Bloom, Elizabeth Yin, Mark Phillips and Charles Hudson. Will they back this college dropout who promises on-campus deliveries in 15-minutes or less? Or will they steer clear of a space that's seen billions of VC dollars go up in flames?
You can also watch the Handle pitch on YouTube. To learn more about Chase's snack delivery startup and the investors featured on this episode, check out the Handle show page.
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(0:00) Introduction and season finale announcement by Josh Muccio
(1:30) Pitch by Chase Robbins, founder of Handle
(3:22) Questions from investors about profitability, customer acquisition, and supplier base
(9:43) Chase Robbins' plan for expansion and discussion on potential market size
(13:54) Operational challenges, solutions, and current tests in the company
(20:26) Discussion on delivery speed, customer retention, and the trust aspect in the business model
(23:05) Neil Bloom's question about using delivery bots and future use of drones for delivery
(25:20) Elizabeth Yin brings up the issue of student turnover and aging out of the demographic
(34:53) Investors give their final thoughts and investment decisions
(45:49) After The Pitch: Josh interviews Chase Robbins
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