#125 Locker: The Future of Online Shopping

#125 Locker: The Future of Online Shopping

Josh Muccio | Startups & Venture Capital


The Pitch
The Pitch

About this episode

Online shopping was supposed to make things easier. But with so many options, it’s also made our shopping experience more fragmented than ever. Kristine Locker set out to fix that with her social shopping app Locker. However, her target demographic is a couple generations behind most VCs. Can Kristine convince investors she has the solution to a problem they don’t experience or will they abandon this startup in the cart?
You can also watch the Locker pitch on YouTube. Today’s investors are Beck Bamberger, Al Bsharah, Jillian Manus, and Howie Diamond.
To learn more about Kristine's retail tech startup and the investors featured on this episode, check out the Locker show page.
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(0:00) Introduction from Josh Muccio and overview of the episode
(2:21) Kristine Locker's pitch for Locker
(5:47) Discussion on possible B2B opportunities and go-to-market strategy for Locker
(9:15) Deep dive into the team behind Locker and their vision for the next five years
(12:58) Investor decisions and overall thoughts on the business
(15:45) Investors debrief after Kristine leaves the room
(18:34) After The Pitch: Kristine Locker shares updates on funding opportunities and challenges
(21:45) Discussion on the future of retail and online commerce
(24:14) Kristine's plans for Locker moving forward
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