The Pierre Method Ways to Wealth

The Pierre Method Ways to Wealth

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The LET US UNITE TODAY RADIO HOUR, brings you the latest in live radio and on-demand broadcasts: reports, interviews, and debates all day long.

We are calling on all world citizens to unite, learn and join the Pierre Economic New World Order (PENWO), based on The Pierre Method, to gain large amounts of personal capital quickly and easily, with no institutional financing.

We need to unite for a common cause... LET’S COME TOGETHER in a spirit of unity in rebuilding our homeland... LET’S COME TOGETHER in our commitment to ending poverty worldwide... LET’S COME TOGETHER to make the world a better place... LET’S COME TOGETHER to experience new things and connect with people.

As citizens of the world, regardless of our religion, creed, color, or gender, we can communicate and cooperate with people of other cultures; we can find common ground here, especially for the sake of ensuring each country’s economy and security. LET’S COME TOGETHER to help our leaders achieve the change they promised, something they cannot accomplish alone... THE PIERRE METHOD is the one way we will develop our personal finances. PENWO is giving us the unique opportunity to do so. WE MUST STAND AS ONE.

We are creating a network of like-minded individuals and corporations throughout the world to take part in our remarkable program based on THE PIERRE METHOD. It’s time for us to shift our focus from misfortune to building the life of abundance that is our birthright.

As collective owners of this beautiful world and as individuals, we must put the full force of our mental and physical talents into showing our unity to each other. When the terrible cycle of despair, disappointment, and discouragement is the driving force of our lives, we must regroup and reorient ourselves. LET US UNITE TODAY and open ourselves to the greatness of this globe as we’ve never done before!

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