The Beginning of a New Empire: The Social Marketing Hour with Steven Anderson

The Beginning of a New Empire: The Social Marketing Hour with Steven Anderson

Manuel Suarez

About this episode

Two experts revealing the process of what it is like to start your business and build it into a multi-million dollar company. The evolution of e-commerce has been amazing, but these guys are about to shatter the ceiling.

Steven Anderson is the co-founder of Honeycomm. Honeycomm is a platform for e-commerce sellers that want to build a supplement brand. This platform removes the heavy lifting from e-commerce sellers, with amazing profit margins and a variety of products, it should be easy for anyone to begin building an empire with this platform.

Steven has created the whole package with this platform, you pick how you want your products labeled and branded, Honeycomm handles the drop shipping to your customers, and it is all sent from the A grade Honeycomm factory where the products are made.

Manuel and Steven have partnered up on the new venture- Goodlife nutrition, a supplement brand- using Honeycomm of course. They're combining their powers and experience and directing it towards this turn key system known as Honeycomm. 

Don't blink, catch the journey starting with their first live podcast together here at the Ninja Studio.

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