The HSI Podcast

The HSI Podcast

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This podcast series is part of the Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Grant awarded to John F. Kennedy University October 2015. Each episode supports our grant’s educational outreach to raise awareness of the value and importance of higher education within the Latino community. It illustrates the value HSIs provide with customized academic services and cultural understanding to support Hispanics and Latinos pursuing their college degrees. This information becomes even more valuable as the U.S. Latino population grows and Latinos prepare for leadership roles.
These podcasts will provide you with information on how to begin your educational journey; from navigating the financial aid and application processes, to learning about campus resources. You will hear motivating stories from Latinos who overcame challenges and gained success by earning their college degree. You will learn about support programs offered by the Department of Education, the State of California, and those provided by colleges and universities. Community leaders will share their mission of ensuring Latinos have equitable educational opportunities to strive and excel; giving all Latinos the opportunity to become successful and give back to their communities.
Welcome to the Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Podcast – “Tu Futuro Está en Tus Manos” from JFK University with our host, Douglas Lezameta. Award # P031S150009




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